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15 ways to leave your lover vol. 3

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Kick start your Hot Sauce collection with these 15 unique bottles and flavors, windforce 5 - 15.

1. The Classic Garlic Fresno Edition, windforce 5. Made on the basis of the original The Classic, but with 10x more garlic. In fact, it was produced by mistake, but when the producer tasted the result, there was no doubt that this sauce was meant to be. Smokin 'Ed delivers the organic Fresno chili, which gives the sauce its depth, sweet taste and mild heat. This sauce can be used on anything.

2. Dick's Peachy Green, windforce 5. Dick's Peachy Green is a quality hot sauce made in Vermont using only natural ingredients. This tasty hot sauce is a blend of farm-fresh Serrano & Jalapeño chili. The sweetness from the honey and peach works perfectly with the sourness from lemon and lime, flavored with freshly ground spices and saffron.

3. Small Axe Peppers - Greenmarket Hot Sauce, windforce 6. The Bronx Greenmarket is the original Hot Sauce from Small Axe Peppers. The beautiful green colour is due to the use of Serrano chili. The peppers in this hot sauce is produced by more than 40 different community gardens in The Bronx, NYC. This adds an urban dimension.

4. Small Axe Peppers - Habanero Mango, windforce 7. The Small Axe Peppers Habanero Mango Hot Sauce is a wonderful mix between the heat of a habanero and the swetness of a mango. With the consistency of a classic sweet chutney, this Hot Sauce reminds you of a delicious Thai curry.

5. Midsummer Flagship, windforce 7. Sweet and powerful. Midsummer's Flagship Hot Sauce is fermented and aged for 9 months. Made on Habanero and manufactured in Stavanger. Full flavor of pineapple, garlic, mango and vinegar plus a little acid and smoke which gives the sauce an authentic taste of Norwegian midsummer. Everything is handmade - from content to label. Outstanding craftsmanship!

6. Los Calientes Rojo, windforce 7. The flavor combination is top notch in this Hot Sauce. Los Calientes Rojo is one of the most popular Hot Sauces from the YouTube show Hot Ones. It is made from apple smoked, red Jalapeños and Habaneros with added apricot, citrus, tomato and garlic. A unique composition of herbs and sour apricot gives the sauce its characteristic taste with increased nuance of exciting spices such as cumin and coriander. This Hot Sauce will definitely be your new go-to.

7. Los Calientes, windforce 7. Los Calientes known from Hot Ones combines the heat from the habanero and the serano chili with the sweet flavour from the red bell pepper and the well known tomatillo. All this is combined with a smoky flavor which makes this Hot Sauce quite unique!

8. Dick's Caribbean Dreams, windforce 7. Dick's Peachy Green is a quality hot sauce made in Vermont using only natural ingredients. Dick's Caribbean Dreams is a Barbados-style hot sauce, mustard-based, made with Habanero chili, sun-ripened pears, and peaches. This type of hot sauce is essential in the local Barbadian cuisine for meat, chicken, seafood. Dick's Caribbean Dreams is the gold standard for Barbados-style Hot Sauce.

9. Heartbeat - Blueberry Habanero, windforce 7. A sauce with lots of versatility. Medium hot and with an absolutely stunning color. The combination of Habanero and blueberries, onions and peppers makes it suitable for any roast or oven-baked poultry, but also goes perfectly with a dessert!

10. Culley's No. 7 Tropical Caribbean, windforce 8. Culley's Tropical Caribbean hot sauce brings a medium heat and taste from the tropics mixed with perfection. A fantastic everyday sauce with hints of mango, Habanero, lemon and coconut

11. Secret Aardvark, windforce 8. Not your usual Hot Sauce! A unique Caribbean/Tex-Mex hybrid produced from tasty habanero peppers, roasted tomatoes, mustard, carrots, and onion. Perfect as a sauce, for your chicken wings, on a pizza, or whatever you want to do with the Aardvark.

12. Chili Klaus Hot Sauce No. 3 - Ginger & Lime, windforce 8. Hot Sauce Nº 3 is a fresh, medium-hot Hot Sauce made on the yellow Madame Jeanette chili flavored with ginger and lime. Madame Jeanette belongs to the Habanero family and makes this Hot Sauce bite a bit.

13. Chili Klaus Smoky Ghost No. 1, windforce 9. Hot Sauce Nº 1 is Chili Klaus' first Hot Sauce. It is made on Ghost and Chipotle chili, from which it also has its slightly smoked flavor. Pepper and grilled pepper are added, giving this Hot Sauce an intense flavor and color. 

14. SeaFire Gourmet - Reaper, windforce 10. Hot, but not too hot and with lots of BBQ vibes from brown sugar, honey, fresh shallots and garlic. A slightly smoky flavor from chipotle chili and of course…  heat from Smokin’ Ed’s Carolina Reaper. NOTE: Seafire Gourmet is sold out and will be replaced by Culley's F * ck me that's hot sauce, wind force 13. 

15. The Last Dab XXX, windforce 15!!! The hottest sauce on Hot Ones ever! This special XXX version of Last Dab combines Smokin 'Ed’s most famous chili-peppers, Pepper X, Chocolate Pepper X, and Peach Pepper X. The combination of these three chili-peppers makes The Last Dab XXX extremely hot! 

NOTE: Seafire Gourmet is sold out and will be replaced by Culley's F * ck me that's hot sauce, wind force 13. 

Value: 3525 SEK

NB: The shelf life of the 15 Hot Sauces is 2021, 2022 and 2023. 

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